Our history

The society Empire Garden was created in 2016. In need of a second company in the name of Empire Garden Service was created in order to obtain personal service approval, which now allows individuals to be able to tax exemption.

These companies at family scale whose reputation is well established, have stood out for their seriousness and their work qualities. Benoit, the creator was for several years laboratory technician in prestressed but following the crisis, he made the decision to change branch.

Manual and passionate about the outdoors, he decided to venture into the gardens and immediately the magic opera. After two years as a landscaper in a large structure, he rose to the next level, becoming a team leader and site foreman. With the idea of ​​having his own business, he decided to take the plunge and create his dream. Since 2016 it is with passion that he has put his expertise and his good mood at your service.



Since its creation, Empire Garden specializes mainly in the maintenance of individuals, professionals and also condominiums.

Hedge trimmings, pruning, felling, mowing, brush cutting, massive cleaning, manual weeding and chemical while respecting the environment.
Modern and mediterranean garden of small size, terracing, fence wall, plantation, border, bowling alley, turf and synthetic turf. We have all the tools necessary for the smooth running of the work as well as a team of quality landscapers.

Empire Garden Service
 N° Siren : 824623169 it is also a tax exemption service for individuals.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.